connecting small grants to big change

Connecting Small Grants to Big Change

start something big with small change

Small Change Fund believes in people. We believe people know how to figure out and fix the problems in their communities, their cities, their countries. We believe people can make change without long studies, thick reports and big money. We believe people want to help each other. We believe in making that simple.

At Small Change Fund, we strive to be the go-to crowdfunding organization for grassroots groups across Canada to get the funding and support they need to turn their ideas into action – our goal is to get the word out and get the money in. That’s why we work with amazing sponsors to help us match every crowdfunded donation so that more money goes directly into the pockets of grassroots groups that are turning each donation into a clean river, a community garden or a youth leadership camp.

Whether you’re an individual donor, a company or a big foundation, let us put your investment to work to create stronger, healthier communities in Canada. With your support, we can help more grassroots groups turn their ideas into action.

Let’s start something big together.