connecting small grants to big change

Connecting Small Grants to Big Change

  • Support Youth Leadership Projects

    Small Change Fund has supported more than 95 youth leadership projects. Help us support more amazing youth leadership projects in 2015.

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  • Support Water Projects

    We’ve already funded over 60 water projects across Canada – and with you’re help, we are going to support even more in 2015!

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  • Support ‘Get Outside’ Projects

    This is our newest priority issue for 2015 – bringing communities together in parks and shared outdoor spaces to reconnect to nature.

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  • Send an E-Card

    Why waste paper and stamps? Send a Holiday E-Card this season and support a great cause!

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Small Change Fund (SCF) was founded on a simple principle: the grassroots movement in Canada is a powerful force to solve the environmental problems our country faces today. But not enough philanthropic money reaches the grassroots, and not enough opportunities exist to support passionate leaders who want to create change. We believe that micro-grants that are provided in a timely manner help spark action, engage communities and provide essential tools to grassroots in the crucial stages of change. For these reasons, Small Change Fund was born.

Local activism is the heart and soul of change. It begins with recognition that change is possible and that the time has come to make it happen. Over and over we have seen that the wisest investments are those that support grassroots groups. Small investments can marshal local energy, encourage innovation, and allow groups to respond quickly to opportunities.”Global Greengrants Fund